Livestock Export

The main activity of Stegerman Livestock- Export BV is to purchase cattle/ calves. By the local dairy Farmers and to Export those to country in and outside of Europe.


We have a weekly supply of pregnant en Fresh dairy cows, for costumers in and outside of Europe.

We select the animals ourselves, or with the costumer. We export the animals on our livestock Centre, that way we check and control the cows before they leave the country.


We can do research en get blood test done by our veterinarian .Also we can get them vaccinated on our livestock centre.

We can transport the animals our selves and also by other recognized internal transport companies. Witch we have a verry good experience with.


Livestock Export

  • purchase and sale of cattle an calves
  • Exports within and outside Europe
  • High qualiy breeding and production animals
  • Many contacts and years of experience

Livestock Trade

  • Trade in beef cattle
  • Trade in breeding and production animals
  • Good cattle valorization
  • Smooth flow

Livestock Centre

  • Several epidemiological units
  • Proper care
  • Spacious cleaning and desinfection place
  • Modern I & R registration