Livestock Centre

The main activity that Stegerman livestock-centre does is to collect all the cattle and make them ready to export. We also are able to collect calves for fattening or Export. We have EPI ( isolated and separated stalls ) that way it’s easy to select animals and have different groups in quarantine.


We have the ability to milk the dairy cows and if wanted to (partly) clips animals .

We also have an I&R scan system that we use to register the animals and we can make an right list of all the animals that are on the livestock-centre.


We have a European recognised high pressure cleaning and disinfecting ability for cattle truck and trailers on appointment. After cleaning and disinfecting we check the trailers and we stamp the logbook and put it in our system.




– Place for 250 head cattle quarantine
– Place for 300 calves
– Wash facilities
– Canteen
– Disinfection ablity
– Wc + douche
– Office

Livestock Export

  • purchase and sale of cattle an calves
  • Exports within and outside Europe
  • High qualiy breeding and production animals
  • Many contacts and years of experience

Livestock Trade

  • Trade in beef cattle
  • Trade in breeding and production animals
  • Good cattle valorization
  • Smooth flow

Livestock Centre

  • Several epidemiological units
  • Proper care
  • Spacious cleaning and desinfection place
  • Modern I & R registration